It’s been called a monster storm and a subtropical weather bomb. Campers along the coast have been asked to evacuate.

We are safe and dry at home. But what about the chickens. All day it drizzled, and contrary to expectations, the silly things did NOT stay in the hen house dry. They continued to scurry about and looked rather odd with their feathers sticking together.

So I removed the plastic tablecloth that needed changing anyway—someone having places a hot pan on it at some point—and covered the coop with it.

I hope for their sakes that the gale-force winds do not happen and the plastic table cloths stays put. We’ll know in the morning. Have I really gotten that fond of them?

[A few hours later, the wind had lifted the tablecloth, which had folded over, exposing the coop to the rain and I secured  it to the ground with bricks. In the morning, it was still holding up. The wind had subsided enough to make a little shelter with the tablecloth.

And I have some eggs to boot.]