South City’s Mr Bs

We have two Mr Bs in our church. One is GB, my father, who is 91, and the other is John, who recently turned 90. I put together a little booklet about these two elderly men of our church, because they have lived, and continue to live, lives that honour God. They face the problems that come with old age with fortitude and faith.

The booklet, with a foreword from Pastor Alfie Orr of South City church, includes GB’s and John’s thoughts, biographical information, information about ancestors, their personal testimony of how they came to faith, and many interesting photographs, including a small series of photos by Natalie Rose.


And this is from the back cover:


Click the link below to read the booklet.

South City Mr Bs_ForOnline

One comment

  1. I’m Jane, a school classmate of GB’s daughter, Nahomi. GB spent many long hours teaching me the Bible and led me to make a commitment to Christ and baptized me into the Faith. I was 18 then in 1982.
    This is truly a lovely book. It’s pages are filled with events and memories that prove God’s faithfulness and love. I can almost feel the God ordained brotherhood and friendship between GB and John.
    I pray God’s continued goodness be made real in and through them both in the years to come.
    May both the grandsons carry forward the ideals and divine heritage to even greater heights.
    Much love and blessings!

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