Its a game I came up with for the ladies meeting this week. As it worked out well and because I will forget if I don’t write it down, I thought I would do a post about it. Someone else might be able to use it too, who knows.

Preparing the materials:
Print off the word file (GospelRosesStrips) in A3-size paper and cut out the 11 columns into strips.
Roll each strip from bottom upwards with the text on the outside and secure with rubberbands, as shown. The cheat strip, which is also rolled up similarly, is for the person conducting the game. You will also need 10 disposable plates as placeholders. Mark one as START and one as END.

Getting ready to start:
Arrange the 10 placeholders in a row on the floor, with START and END placeholders at either end. Alternatively, you could arrange them in a circle. When we played it, at first I tried to arrange it in a straight-ish row, but due to a lack of space, we had to opt for a circle. No problem, it worked well.

You need at least 10 people to play the game. If you have more than that, you can have 10 “teams.” We get to play 10 rounds in all, so team members can take turns to come into the game.

Game begins:
Players look at the text in the first box in their respective strips. The player who has the Scripture reference takes her place at the START plate, while the player with the full stop (period) takes her place at the END plate. All other players have to discuss the scripture text and position themselves against the placeholder plates in the correct order. When everyone is confident that they are standing in the correct order, the participants read their text one after the other from START to END, with the game organiser checking against the Cheat strip. If the order is not quite right, the players work at it again. The round is over when the scripture reads correctly. The players can then proceed to the next box on their strip.

Encourage the ladies to read out the scripture clearly because this selection of verses is like a beautiful bouquet of gospel roses. For want of a better name, the game is called Gospel Roses.