My great grandfather Rev N Samuel composed many hymns that are sung in Tamil Churches everywhere. One of the best loved among these is En Meetpar Uyirodirukayile (என் மீட்பர் உயிரோடிருக்கையிலே).

It has at least two classical tunes, which when sung properly are beautiful. For many people, the hymn is wedded to these tunes, just as Amazing Grace is wedded to a particular tune for us in English. However, the classical tunes for this Tamil hymn are not very easy to sing, especially in our times. So my father Bhaktamitran, grandson of Rev N. Samuel, composed an alternate tune in the 1960s and made a recording of it in the early 70s. I think it is time to share it with the world.
[As I post this, GB is 91 years old; his frailty belies the strength of his spirit. One day he will again sing like he has in this old recording and better.]

Maybe this tune will enable the younger generation to learn this great hymn and resume singing it again.

Roughly translated, this is what the hymn says:
O my mind, tell me what can I possibly lack, When my Redeemer lives.

1. He sacrificed his life to redeem mine,
He did not abandon me but rose again and ascended to heaven in glory
Keep us in your care, O Friend

2. He rose victoriously to the utter terror of sin, death, hell, and Satan.
O righteous Lord, you have put an end to the curse.
Why should I lament? O heart, rejoice.

3. He will reign; He will bless abundantly,
He intercedes continuously for us
He will save me from harm. He will walk before me.
He is the only heavenward Way, the Truth, and the Life.

4. He will remove anxieties and wipe our tears. He will not leave us till the end.
He continues to grant us forgiveness of sins and grace.
He will receive us into His heaven.

5. Let the past be past; let the world talk ill of me
Let Satanic arrows be shot at me; come what may, the rain of mercy will be showered on me.
Grant me loving heavenly joy.

You can find the whole song in Tamil at https://dhyanamalar.org/hymns-spiritual-songs/என்-மீட்பர்-உயிரோடிருக்க/ You will also find the transliteration for those who cannot read Tamil well. I have also included a musical accompaniment track recorded by my father, in case it is helpful to you.