[Part 8 of Series Two days in Bangalore]

12 August 2016. After 35 years I was going to meet my classmates from Clarence High School. When we left in 1981, I got the impression that our teachers were a tad happy to see the last of us. While all other batches got farewell dinners, we were given a farewell tea. We were an unruly bunch, sandwiched between two high-performing batches of students.

School leaving comes amidst the frenzy of I.C.S.E. exams and a hundred and one formalities. Thrown into the big bad world, starting with the college experience, school becomes a distant memory and one grows up quickly. Before we realised it, we were flung to the four corners of the globe and lost touch.

Till first Facebook, partially . . . and then Whatsapp, more comprehensively brought us all together as a group.

Every time a classmate returned from “foreign” the Bangloreans arrange a get-together. Now it was my turn to cause such a party. We were meeting in Connie’s Restaurant & Steakhouse, a restaurant in Kammanahalli.

Ashish kindly gave me a ride to and from the get together.  It was wonderful. I think if our teachers had another chance with us, having lost the opportunity to have a farewell dinner with us, they would join us for a reunion dinner, don’t you think?