Ever since my father Bhaktamitran—Wilson to close family, and GB to most today— had the spiritual experience of the new birth in 1971 in Calcutta, he has been sharing the life-changing gospel of Jesus to family and friends. In these last 47 years, I believe he must have written thousands of private letters and articles in English and Tamil. He has also preached and taught for thousands of hours in this period.

He is not a very easy person to listen to. If you have not told him about your walk with the Lord, he will assume that you are in spiritual peril and earnestly implore you, chiding you even, to set matters right with the Lord. To him, that was erring on the right side because the stakes were so high. Obviously such an approach would not be welcome to everyone. And yet, the Lord has used GB mightily in kingdom work.

Now at age 92 and living in a Rest home in Auckland with mild dementia, he does not teach and write like he used to. But he still has two people who he continues to exhort and teach. One is me—I get a talk almost every day—and the the other is his younger sister Suguna in India.

Here is last night’s talk to her.

I am uploading it on line because I think the message to persevere in the faith and press on, forgetting what is behind—from Philippians Chapter 3—is applicable to all of us.