Day 1: While most of us do not have the education to properly appreciate God’s incredible design in nature, we should to the extent we can understand it.
Seeing Susie sitting on some fertile eggs I bought from TradeMe is amazing, especially if you have seen what the chook is usually like. The due date is 12 December. Will let you know what happens.
I had to get a camera in there to watch without disturbing her. Seeing fidgety Susie sit, all mama-like, is quite something.

I’ve gone into mama mode
Susie still sits

Hang in there Susie, only a couple of days more, and IF
** the eggs bought via TradeMe were fertile in the first place and
** you have been as diligent at incubating the eggs when I’ve not been watching you as when I have been watching,
you’re all set to become a mama of a little brood.


Day 20: Watch how protective Susie becomes, fluffing up her feathers when I get close to her. And she was literally growling.

Zero to six chicks. What is it to be? Tomorrow will tell.

We had a terrible infestation of mites in the coop. I have treated it with generous amounts of DE and by physically replacing the bedding of sawdust with some dry grass clippings. Really proud of Susie. I also gave her some extra iron by way of scrambled eggs, because I felt that the mites made her anaemic.

The camera is ready.
God’s nature will take its course.