This is the very last piece my father read and put the date against. And he has the date here twice, almost like a ‘Verily verily.’
How much of this he was able to understand, I do not know, but it certainly is a piece that he would have stamped his ‘Amen’ to a thousand times.
Just read it; it puts all of Christian doctrine in a nutshell.
It ends with: “… so that I may reach my end in peace,” which GB did 12 days later.

The prayers of the Puritans compiled together in this book have a way of resonating with the believer’s soul, almost in attestation of the same Spirit in us. In this piece, I am drawn to these words most of all:

I bless Thee for the everlasting covenant,
for the appointment of a Mediator.
I rejoice that He failed not, nor was discouraged,
but accomplished the work Thou gavest Him to do;
and said on the cross, ‘It is finished.’

I believe that is why the piece has been entitled THE MEDIATOR.