We all put on weight after we came to New Zealand in 2005. It was nice to see my skinny children take on fuller personalities. Philip’s weight increase was less discernable. Mine was another story. It just climbed higher and higher from the 70kgs that I had weighed when we left India. Whatever diet I tried wasn’t of any use, and it wasn’t helping that I had a very sedentary desk job.

Just as my weight got to the 85kg mark, I stumbled upon a diet that worked. And then I found out that others had beaten me to it. In 2009, I wrote a post about it called My not-so-secret diet (How I lost 15 kgs).

So although I had no idea about why it was working, I knew from firsthand experience that it was a sustainable diet, something that was actually enjoyable. By the way, the diet was not exactly a ketogenic diet, a term that wasn’t commonly used, but it was what I was describing as a no-carb-low-carb diet.

So I have been a fan of the ketogenic diet for many years now. During the initial years, friends and relatives were skeptical and even concerned for my safety. For me, I had my medical reports showing me that my health was not declining. Even so, I took long breaks from the diet. I am not proud of the fact that whenever I was not on the diet, very soon I lost the motivation to eat carefully. I soon started loving the same old sweet foods so much that control over my eating was completely lost. But as the weight piled on, the aches and pains would start, in my knees and in my feet. This got me back on the keto diet, defying the concerns of those around me, and invariably to quick relief.

But now it is a different scenario. The ketogenic diet is widely accepted, and the Internet has so much information about it, complete with recipes.

So I would urge my stone-age friends (it’s my turn now to call you names) to look into this. I am quite impressed with the material available at the Australian website called Low Carb Down Under, which has videos presented by medical professionals. It’s really good.

To be sure, we have to be very careful about what we get from the Internet, but so far, this feels right. If any of the readers thinks otherwise, please do add a comment.

Here is one video I watched today, for instance, which talks about reversing diabetes! The one fact that is clear from this video is that delay and procrastination is not helpful.

I have said enough for today.