In Auckland we have many Tamil Christian friends, both Indians and Srilankans, numbering about 70. We meet once a month for prayer and sharing followed by fellowship over a meal. Being immigrants and far away from our families, it is a blessing.

Today, Alfy annan, one of the committee members, sent out a mail worded like this:

Hello everyone,
You may be aware that the Congress government in India is facing a no-confidence motion in the parliament today (Tuesday).
Kindly keep this great nation of ours in prayer for the wisdom for our leaders and politicians.
Thank you.

Yes, we would like India to have a stable government that is “secular” in the Indian sense of the word. By “secular” it is meant that the government will be tolerant of all faiths and not bring religion into politics. It is so important for India to have a government like that. As it is, we have seen so much unrest and intolerance for Christians in some parts of the country.

It is not just for Christians that we pray. We want everyone in the country to be safe and able to exercise the precious freedoms that India stands for. India may have a million issues but she is FREE and may she always be blessed with governments that are committed to those freedoms, both at the center and at the state levels.

We remember and pray for India today.